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Metin2 was developed in Korea and is based on a fascinating storyline. Metin Stones ruined the formerly peaceful world and then there began long lasting wars between the three countries, each having their own ambitious aim. If you are fond of martial arts and want to become a master of it, this is the best game to you.

The game is packed with great features including quests, guild battles and wars between nations. Move through those exotic villages in the Far East and experience the adventures of Asian warriors. In the near future you not only will fight with sword and bow, but you will also have the ability to use the refined way of the Bells and Fans. Be careful about those monsters, they are cunning figure. is one of the leading providers of virtual goods on the Internet. Our products include cheap Metin2 Yang and Metin2 Powerleveling. We also offer big discounts each hour of the day!

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  • Metin2: Tips for protecting yourself from ScamingThe first and the most important thing is not to trust any people you don’t know. Metin2 players can change gold when you accept and you actually provide something for 1 gold, to protect yourself from that, you could always accept after the person you are trading with accepts. You should always carry shops and sell things with shops, maybe it's the safest way to protect from, that or when you are buying something, you could ask the person you are trading with to make a shop.
  • What Can We Find in Metin2 Mystery Boxes?I am sure you have ever got a mystery box somewhere before. You may not know clearly what can be acquired from the mystery box. In this article I will tell you some basic knowledge of these boxes.
  • Some Metin2 Dex Blader TipsLevel 50-55: Level up your crafting to full 100% in all, sell your pink items for 35-40k each, which should sell fast.
  • Metin2 Item: Spirit StoneWe know Spirit Stone could be used for decorating your armor or weapons. In fact, we can also use Spirit Stone to enhance ourselves. There are different kinds of Spirit Stone. Some can only be used for weapons and others can only be used for armor.
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